Grooming Service

CHL provides a full grooming service, this means the horse will be thoroughly cleaned and brushed, bridled, saddled and boots / bandages put on.  In case the rider has more than one saddle, he or she can specify which one they need in advance. After riding, a groom will un-tack the horse, clean the bridle and the saddle and put them away in the tack room. The horse is then sponged oTack Roomff or given a shower.

Aquillo being cleanedSaddle Room

Horses are also clipped and platted when requested, by the grooms.

Our grooming service is 7 days a week

Grooming Hours:

To better accommodate our riders, the Club has one groom for every four horses. CHL grooms begin their daily work by feeding the horses at 6:00 am, one hour later the boxes are cleaned and fresh bedding is added. Each horse is hand walked at least one hour everyday. Lunch is given at noon and the boxes are cleaned again. At 4:00pm the horses receive our signature "Nkhale" soup mix. The final meal of the day is given at 8.00pm / with the exception of the horses still being ridden by prior arrangement.  




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